About the Founder

My name is Jerra Latrice Mitchell, and I love children...I really do.

But, being the self-aware person that I am, I just KNOW that I don't want to experience childbirth, nor raise a newborn baby or a toddler. Ages 4 & up only, please! (I'm SO serious!)

Here's the thing...every woman doesn't want children, and that's OK!

I founded Unfertilized Eggs to serve childfree women - because I know how isolating it can feel to want to remain childfree in such a pro-natalist society that believes in motherhood for all women.

Also, not every childfree woman can be categorized as selfish, self-absorbed, and uncapable of nurturing others. Let's dispel that myth.

At Unfertilized Eggs, we understand why some women choose not to have children. Your desire to remain childfree is 100% YOUR choice. This is a supportive and judgment-free zone!

We celebrate your childfree choice, empathize with your feelings of isolation, and empower you be yourself - UNAPOLOGETICALLY!