3 Signs You Might Have Fibriods

3 Signs You Might Have Fibriods

  • 10 Apr 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell

If you've ever felt dismissed or misdiagnosed by a doctor, pertaining to fibroids, continue reading. YOU know your body and when something doesn't feel right. Also, contrary to popular belief: Your periods ARE NOT supposed to be painful! This brings us to the first sign to look out for...

1. If you've experienced painful cramping in the lower abdomen, back, or upper thigh area, you should get screened for fibroids. A bit of discomfort here and there is normal, BUT if you're glued to the bed for hours at a time because of excruciating pain, that's definitely a sign that shouldn't be ignored. 

2. If you've ever experienced heavy bleeding for several days during your cycle (or in-between your cycle), you should've gotten checked for fibriods like yesterday. Heavy bleeding is one of the most common signs of fibroids, which can also lead to extreme fatigue from the loss of blood. Again, you shouldn't bleed heavily for several days at a time while on your period.

3. Do you experience having to urinate a lot (regardless of how much water you drink)? If so, this is another sign you might have fibroids. Some fibroids are positioned directly on the bladder, and depending on how large that fibroid is, it results in having to take more frequent trips to the bathroom. 

Certainly, there are other signs to look out for. These are the most common ones, however. It's not good to accept a statement from your doctor saying, "All periods are supposed to be painful." It's NOT normal. 

**I am not authorized to give medical advice, as I'm just sharing my own experiences. Make an appointment today with an unbiased, qualified OB-GYN for your womb health. 

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-Jerra, Founder of Unfertilized Eggs

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