How We Were Conceived...

How We Were Conceived...

  • 08 Mar 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell


Before we tell our story, we want to ask you a few questions...


1. Felt like nobody supports you in your childfree lifestyle?

2. Wondered if there’s something wrong with you for not wanting kids or not being able to have kids?

3. Felt isolated and attacked by others for your choice to not have children?

At Unfertilized Eggs, we support and empathize with you!

Unfertilized Eggs was conceived in July 2021 in (wait for it…) LAS VEGAS! That’s right! During a class reunion, founder Jerra Latrice Mitchell, gave birth to an IDEA.

“I birth ideas, not babies.” – Jerra Latrice Mitchell

At Unfertilized Eggs, childfree and childless women are supported, empowered, and respected—for their feelings and for their journeys. We acknowledge that women want to be understood and loved for who they are, and not just what their bodies are capable of doing.

Unfertilized Eggs helps women make peace with it all through journaling and clapping back at annoying people.

THIS MONTH ONLY, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on the 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women, Clapback Cards (Childfree Edition), and a bundle option of the two. 

Unfertilized Eggs will release products for childless women in the near future!

Get your 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women and your Clapback Cards here!

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