3 Ways To Embrace Being Childfree By Choice

  • 01 Aug 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell

Although the childfree lifestyle has become more mainstream, there are some who have yet to speak up and embrace being childfree by choice.  

In this blog, we'll share 3 ways to embrace the childfree lifestyle for yourself and those around you. 

Have you ever silenced your opinion about not wanting to have children due to fear of backlash?

Or, do you feel that not wanting to have children makes you a bad person? 

Here are 3 ways to embrace being childfree by choice:

  1. If you're afraid of other people's opinions, understand that it's not your job to convince them to accept your childfree lifestyle. Remain true to what feels right for you, and do it UNAPOLOGETICALLY! The Clapback Cards: Childfree Edition can help with this. 
  2. Realize that being childfree doesn't equate to being a bad person. It's just your personal choice (which we ALL have), and that's OK! The 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women talks about this. Order your copy here
  3. If you're still unsure about whether or not you should become (or remain) childfree, observe how you react when children are around you. Do you find it enjoyable or bothersome? If it's the latter choice, then maybe you should consider remaining childfree.

In conclusion, these are the ways to embrace being childfree by choice. Don't be ashamed to speak up about not wanting to have children. It's YOUR body, YOUR choice - and it doesn't make you a bad person.



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