3 Reasons Why Being Childfree Has Become More Common

  • 17 Sep 2023
  • Jerra Mitchell

You may have noticed how the notion of becoming and remaining childfree has increased in popularity in recent years. We believe it started during the pandemic - when childfree people noticed the increased stress that parents were facing when children were in the home 24/7. Many proclaimed, "Nope, I'm GOOD on that!" We definitely understand your sentiments...

The shift in societal norms can be attributed to several factors, and this blog post will cover three (3) main reasons why being childfree has become more common. 

Changing Perspectives on Personal Fulfillment

One of the primary reasons why being childfree has become so popular is due to the evolving perspective on personal fulfillment. In the past, societal norms often stated that marriage and parenthood were the ultimate markers of a successful and fulfilling life. However, more people today are encouraged to prioritize self-discovery, personal growth, and career aspirations. That said, they are questioning whether parenthood aligns with their individual goals and desires.

Choosing to remain childfree allows individuals and couples to focus on their own happiness and well-being. They have the freedom to pursue their passions, invest in their careers, travel the world, and engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. This shift in priorities reflects a growing belief that personal happiness and self-realization allows more people to see that parenthood is no longer the only path to a meaningful existence.

Economic Realities and Financial Freedom

Recent studies revealed that it costs over $350,000 to raise a child. 3 hunnid 50K??? Wow! The financial aspect of parenthood is a significant factor driving the rise in childfree choices. Raising children can be expensive with costs spanning from prenatal care and education to healthcare and everyday expenses. With those factors in mind, many individuals and couples are weighing the financial burdens of parenthood against the benefits.

The pursuit of financial freedom and stability is a powerful motivator for remaining childfree. People are recognizing the opportunities to save for retirement, invest in their own futures, and enjoy a higher standard of living without the added financial strain of raising children. In a world where student loan debt, housing costs, and job security are pressing concerns, the decision to remain childfree can offer a sense of financial security and peace of mind. Don't you agree?

Environmental and Overpopulation Concerns

Another reason the childfree movement has gained popularity over the years is due to an increasing awareness of environmental issues and concerns about overpopulation. As climate change and environmental degradation continue to threaten the planet, many individuals are reevaluating their impact on the world. The decision to have fewer or no children is viewed by some as a responsible and sustainable choice. Some childfree individuals see their choice as a way to contribute positively to the environment, believing that by not adding to the world's population, they are helping to alleviate the strain on natural resources.


The ever-increasing childfree lifestyle is a key indicator of shifting societal norms, evolving perspectives on personal fulfillment, economic realities, and environmental concerns. While parenthood remains a deeply meaningful and rewarding path for many, choosing to be childfree is becoming more common as people prioritize their own happiness, financial well-being, and sustainability. Ultimately, the decision to have or not have children is a deeply personal one, and society is gradually embracing the diversity of choices that individuals and couples make regarding their family planning.

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