The Benefits of Being Childfree

The Benefits of Being Childfree

  • 09 Jan 2023
  • Jerra Mitchell

Not trying to brag, but there are quite a few benefits of being childfree. For the sake of time and sparing those with short attention spans, we'll discuss just a few. 

Before we get started, here's a short disclaimer: BY NO MEANS does this blog attempt to persuade readers into pursing a childfree lifestyle. The aim is to AFFIRM and reassure those who have already made a choice to become (and remain) childfree. 

Ok, let's get started, shall we? There are many benefits to being childfree which include: 

More Time and Freedom

This is pretty obvious, of course. However, with the extra time we're afforded, childfree people have the opportunity to sleep in more, devote more time to exercise, and journal - which all contribute to a healthier mindset and overall well-being. Having more time also allows us to spend it wisely, which brings us to the next point...

The Ability To Give Back More

Yes, we probably have the financial means give back and contribute to worthy causes in that aspect. However, having extra time also affords childfree people the opportunity to volunteer at local hospitals, schools, or community events. These are all very fulfilling activities, and you should find something that works for you and your schedule. 

Increased Self-Awareness

I'm sure you've taken time to come to the conclusion that you don't want children. As mentioned in a previous blog, this isn't something that we just "stumble upon." A huge benefit of being childfree - aside from the superficial things - is knowing that we confidently chose to deviate against societal "norms" and make a decision that works for us! Don't you agree?

All in all, there are SO many benefits to being childfree. If you'd like to share anything else, please do so in the comments!

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3 Reasons Why You Need The 90-Day Childfree Journal

3 Reasons Why You Need The 90-Day Childfree Journal

  • 04 Jan 2023
  • Jerra Mitchell

Do you know what a childfree journal is? No? Ok, let's school you...

Similar to any other journal on the market that's specific for money management, collecting thoughts, getting closer to God, etc., a childfree journal is designed specifically for the childfree community.

Here's why you need one: 

It Helps Validate Your Childfree Choice

With so much opposition you probably receive about your choice not to have children, having a childfree journal to validate your decision is necessary. In the 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women, you get support, daily affirmations, plus a chance to write yourself a love letter to validate your childfree choice.

You Feel Like You're Not Alone

The most important factor in this journal is knowing you're not the only one who doesn't have a desire to have children. Oftentimes, our society places so much focus on mothers and traditional families, that we (childfree people) feel left out. This journal helps you to feel seen. 

It Enhances Your Self-Care Routine

Studies reveal that journaling helps to elevate moods, increase self-confidence, and encourages positive self-talk. Writing/reflecting in a childfree journal will also help to improve your mental health. Needless to say, there's enough negativity that probably gets thrown at you for your choice to become/remain childfree. Journaling  in the 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women will help combat that negativity. 

All in all, journaling is essential. Having a childfree journal catered specifically to YOU - a childfree person - is even more critical. 

Purchase the unique, one-of-a-kind 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women here. You won't be disappointed!

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2023 & STILL Childfree!

2023 & STILL Childfree!

  • 02 Jan 2023
  • Jerra Mitchell

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes many changes for some. However, for the childfree community, one thing remains the same - We ARE NOT going to change our minds about having children!

Contrary to popular belief, the decision to become (and remain) childfree requires a lot of thought and self-evaluation. We don't just randomly come to this decision "out of the blue."

In the 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women, it assures you that there's nothing wrong with you for making this decision. There's also a YouTube video devoted to this topic.

Furthermore, your childfree choice doesn't have to be overly-explained. When someone asks you why you don't have children, you can simply state, "Because I just don't want them." That's enough. 

You are enough.

Never allow people to make you feel bad for not wanting children. It's 2023, and you can proudly proclaim your childfree choice for many years to come!

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Does Childfree Mean Lonely?

Does Childfree Mean Lonely?

  • 11 Sep 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell

In today's blog, we're discussing the correlation between being childfree and lonliness...

Does Being Childfree Mean You're Lonely?

Some posts have gone viral recently that try to convince society that this is true. However, can someone who's childfree by choice TRULY experience lonliness if that's the life they chose for themselves? 

If we're being really honest here, almost everyone experiences lonliness in some form. 

These feelings are common. But, you should feel so confident in your childfree choice that you won't allow lonliness to overtake your emotions. 

To better illustrate this point, there is a story in the 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women that discusses how to navigate temporary feelings of lonliness and empowers you to fully embrace your childfree choice. 

Check out the journal here

In conclusion, YOU know yourself better than others do.

When society tries to convince you that you're lonely as a childfree person, don't believe them. They're projecting their own lives onto you. 

With Love, 

Jerra Latrice Mitchell, Founder of Unfertilized Eggs


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3 Ways To Embrace Being Childfree By Choice

3 Ways To Embrace Being Childfree By Choice

  • 01 Aug 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell

Although the childfree lifestyle has become more mainstream, there are some who have yet to speak up and embrace being childfree by choice.  

In this blog, we'll share 3 ways to embrace the childfree lifestyle for yourself and those around you. 

Have you ever silenced your opinion about not wanting to have children due to fear of backlash?

Or, do you feel that not wanting to have children makes you a bad person? 

Here are 3 ways to embrace being childfree by choice:

  1. If you're afraid of other people's opinions, understand that it's not your job to convince them to accept your childfree lifestyle. Remain true to what feels right for you, and do it UNAPOLOGETICALLY! The Clapback Cards: Childfree Edition can help with this. 
  2. Realize that being childfree doesn't equate to being a bad person. It's just your personal choice (which we ALL have), and that's OK! The 90-Day Journal for Childfree Women talks about this. Order your copy here
  3. If you're still unsure about whether or not you should become (or remain) childfree, observe how you react when children are around you. Do you find it enjoyable or bothersome? If it's the latter choice, then maybe you should consider remaining childfree.

In conclusion, these are the ways to embrace being childfree by choice. Don't be ashamed to speak up about not wanting to have children. It's YOUR body, YOUR choice - and it doesn't make you a bad person.



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Respectfully, Mind Your Own Uterus

Respectfully, Mind Your Own Uterus

  • 13 May 2022
  • Jerra Mitchell

At Unfertilized Eggs, we empathize with women all over the world who are enraged at the SCOTUS Draft leak, which will, if passed, severely restrict a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. 

We are PRO-CHOICE and we believe you do not need a reason to be that way. YOUR uterus, YOUR business. We believe in fully expressing yourself, whether it’s through journaling, connecting with like-minded people, or attending a reproductive rights rally. 

We’re more than just our reproductive organs.

Women are individuals who are capable of making their own choices in life.  We believe all women deserve access to abortions, as there are SEVERAL reasons why they take place anyway…but, that’s another story. 

 Our message to politicians and anyone else who feels women must be maternal, is: 


Motherhood is not a requirement for adulthood. It is not a surefire segue to happiness. Motherhood does not save relationships. Motherhood is a CHOICE. Plain and simple. It shouldn’t be forced upon us.

At Unfertilized Eggs, we encourage you to express yourself, as loudly or as quietly as you like. We need Roe to stay. 

If you’re joining a rally, this would be the perfect shirt for you. Purchase yours here

Please take selfies and tag us in your photos, using the hashtag #unfertilizedeggs!


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